How Your Resume Can Scream Next-Level Employee With Tony Gerbino

Employers are hiring PEOPLE, and the interests and attributes you include speak to you as a person and why you may be a fit for a team.

Sharing your interests allows the recruiter to find a commonality or ground and build a real connection. Many hiring managers consider this during the application process – it’s essential to have a relevant skill set, but do I want to spend most of my days with this person?

CEO Boosts Company Value in Townsend-Led Private Equity Placement

A private equity firm needed a new CEO to drive growth, structure and leadership in a portfolio company. They turned to Townsend Search Group to deliver change-making talent.

Framing the Challenge

After adding an automotive engineering services company to their portfolio, a private equity firm approached Townsend to lead the search for a new CEO. The company was underperforming, with a lagging commercial strategy. The client needed reenergized leadership to organize and focus the operation for growth.

Michigan college grads have their pick of jobs in a tight labor market

Bo Pennell, managing director at Townsend Search Group in Birmingham, said the job market has gotten more competitive with the removal of geographical confines in the hiring process. Pennell said recruiting has now become cultivating a group of professionals and “truly listening to them in terms of what is it …

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