Future-Proofing Leadership: Identifying Tomorrow’s Executives Today

The contemporary business landscape is complex and rapidly evolving. From shifts in the market to disruptive new technologies, the business leaders of tomorrow will need to be adaptable, bold, and opportunistic. As such, companies must be proactive in identifying and preparing future leaders. Building a solid professional development strategy is …

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Building Your Finance Dream Team

Townsend Managing Director Dan Ellis shared key insights with StrategicCFO360 on today’s labor market and what employers and aspiring leaders can do to stand out and build robust teams. Read the full Q&A article here. Listening to the market is critical. Employers that are too rigid in their compensation expectations …

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Why Demand for HR Leaders is Growing — And How Businesses Can Respond

At Townsend Search Group, our team has experienced a marked uptick in searches for human resources (HR) executives this year. We are not alone. Research indicates that HR roles rank among the most sought-after positions in the country. A recent analysis of LinkedIn data found that five of the 25 …

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Right Person, Right Seat, Right Time: Trusting the Process in Executive Search

When clients within private equity come to us, they are typically anxious to get a leader in place to start driving change. But more often than not, finding the right person can take time — and in these cases, it is more important than ever to follow the correct process. As a search firm, our role is to balance the desire to fill a vacancy quickly with the need to go through the proper procedures for executive selection.