Townsend Managing Director Dan Ellis recently sat down with The Modern CFO podcast to share his perspective on the challenges, strategies, and invaluable lessons that aspiring CFOs and those seeking effective financial leadership should consider as they navigate today’s hiring landscape.

It’s always important to have a good pulse on the market. And this comes into a little bit of how do you develop into a CFO. As an aspiring CFO, being in contact with the recruiter can really help you be more strategic with developing your skill set. We can understand your background and experiences and where you want to get and try to align your interests with companies or CFOs that are looking to hire someone in those functional areas. Making sure that you’re deliberate and strategic with your career development is something that a recruiter can help counsel or advise.

This is an excerpt from a podcast episode originally published on The Modern CFO. Listen to the episode featuring Dan Ellis HERE.

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